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Morse Chased by Bandits

The San Francisco Examiner headline read MEXICAN ARMY USES MORSE AS

BANNDIT DECOY April 17, 1930

"Sam Morse took his yacht The Temptress to Mexico with Francis and Gene McComas. The party decided on a horseback jaunt from Tepic to San Blas where the Temptress lay at anchor. They elected to follow the trail on which J. F. Bristow , Texas oil man, was seized by bandits and held for ransom. Eaton, the American consul who was sent to Tepic on the Bristow case warned against attempting the trip, but a Mexican general said it was perfectly safe."

Said Morse "It was. We arrived unmolested at San Blas, and the disappointed general and his army arrived right behind us."

It turns out that the general was using Morse as a decoy.He was certain that the bandits would capture Morse and hold him for ransom. Then the general, being right on the ground, could gallop into their midst, effect a glorious capture and reap honor and reward.

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